Looking for a Place to Host Your Non-Profit Staff Retreat?

Peniel Ranch Provides a Location for Staff Retreats
in Washington State.

We Serve Churches, Camp Staff, and Other Non-Profits
in the Pacific Northwest.

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Group Retreat Rental on Columbia River

"One price for all the fun and food we could hope for! The staff was friendly and helpful, and the food was delicious! If you were hungry later (we never were) they keep the lodge open so you can make a PB&J or get some juice or other drinks, which is nice."

Logan C.

Our camp is the perfect place to disconnect from technology and reconnect with what, and more importantly who, matter most to you. Many of our guests ditch their electronics to experience the freedom from man-made noise. With over 350 acres to explore (that’s 265 football fields for you city-folks) and over 20 outdoor activities to chose from, there’s plenty to do for you and the crew.

And we strive to look after your needs as if you were our family. Our goal is to consistently go the extra mile to make you feel right at home.

Forgot something at home, like a towel, Bible, or soap? It happens all the time out on the ranch. Let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate you.

On a strict diet? We’ve catered for peanut, lactose, egg, soy, and fish allergies. And we’d be happy to work with you 1-on-1 for special dietary restrictions you may have, like vegetarian, gluten-free, and pescetarian. In fact, we’ll even cater to dessert-atarians, if you can get your mother’s approval.

And if you prefer to do your own cooking to save a little money, we've got a grand commercial kitchen available.

Does someone in your group have a disability, special needs, or additional assistance? We have a selection of services available to make them feel right at home, including wheelchair accessible rooms.

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Peniel Ranch Activities

Peniel Ranch Activities
"We had a blast with archery, hatchet and knife throwing, all with private lessons by the owner."

Traveler from Issaquah, WA

A big group of people has a wide range of tastes, talents, and abilities. Thus it can be challenging to find the perfect place for everyone to relax and spend time together… that doesn't also cost an arm-and-a-leg.

Here at the ranch, we have a variety of activities. All equipment and training comes free with your group’s stay.

  • Knife, Javelin, Hatchet, and Tomahawk Throwing Range**
  • Shooting Range (archery/gun)**
  • Volleyball Court
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Gaga Pit
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Billiards/Pool Table
  • Box Hockey
  • Foosball
  • Mountain Biking
  • Animal Petting (goats, donkeys, dogs, and horses)
  • Frisbee Golf Course (9 holes)
  • Giant Chess and Checkers Board
  • S'mores Fire Pit
  • Kids Playground

** For these activities, our staff will gladly provide free private lessons to make sure you have a fun and stay safe.

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Peniel Ranch Dining

Peniel Ranch food
A typical meal at the ranch. You hungry to come?
"The meals were exceptional along with the staff that prepared them. I am on a strict diet and the cooks made every effort to serve food that was on my plan. They also cook from scratch and everything tasted homemade! Hot beverages were available all day and snacks put out in the evening."

Robert K. from Portland, OR

What’s not to love about freshly cooked meals made with whole ingredients? We cook every meal from scratch to compliment your diet. So if you have any food allergy or special dietary restriction, we’d be happy to work 1-on-1 with you. This is home-cooking at its finest.

If you arrive well-traveled and will miss one of our mouth-watering meals, give us a call and we’ll prepare a hot plate of food for you. There is also a bountiful selection of hot teas and coffee available free to compliment your morning routine or evening ritual.

And if you prefer to save a little money and cook the meals yourself, we have a grand commercial kitchen available for your use.

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Peniel Ranch Room Accommodations & Amenities

Peniel Ranch Room Accommodations
We had a blast at the Peniel Ranch. The rooms were cozy and very clean. The bonfire that they had with marshmallows was awesome. I’m looking forward to the summer to book a room again.

Stan T.

You’ve had a full day at the ranch.

Paddle boarding down the pristine Columbia River. An informative and scenic hike across the rolling hills. Biking in a beautiful terrain near wild horses and jagged rocks, along a panorama of stunning colors. Knife and tomahawk throwing, archery, cherry picking, hammocks, and life-sized chess pieces. A wonderful array of fresh food made with whole ingredients. It's the vacationers dream get-a-way...

What's a better way to end the day than to relax in our 3-star vintage cabins? You can expect comfortable, clean, artistic, and modest digs before you hit the hay.

Our Ranch Suites come with either a king or queen-sized bed. You will have your own private bath, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. Need more room for you and the family? Our Family Suites include one to two bunk beds to comfortably accommodate 5-to-6 people per room.

A picture of a family suite

Next comes our Log Bunkhouse. Each room has three twin-sized beds and one full bed that sleeps 4-to-5 people in each room. The Log Bunkhouse has an outdoor porch access to shared restrooms and showers.

And if you have a big family (or want to get comfortable with your co-workers), our Stucco Bunkhouse sleeps 6-to-8 people per room. Each room has an indoor hallway to shared restrooms and showers.

We also have RV hookups and plenty of space for your tent, if you prefer to save a little extra money.

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Peniel Ranch Lodge and Dining Hall

Peniel Ranch Dining Hall
The lodge with eating area, meeting room and game area. (pool, foosball, ping pong and board games)                                                                                                                                                                                                                Our Dining Hall seats over 120 people and our outdoor patio can accommodate an additional 50+ people. We have a large commercial kitchen and an upstairs meeting area in the same building.

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