Pen-i-'el (n): See God Face-to-Face

Peniel Ranch teaches life skills to help families see God face-to-face through the Bible.

Experience a Taste of Heaven...

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Because bad things happen to good people.
Want to make an extra $1,000/month, but tired of cancerous scams that fail to deliver?
Step into the sandals of the ancient Greek games, the most celebrated sporting event in history.
A biblical presentation on the wonderful planet we call home.
Experience a moment of the American dream.

What Our Guests Say About Us

“What a fun getaway that has something for everyone and the food is outstanding! This was an amazing getaway for our family of six. So much to do for everyone. No one was bored and they all agreed that we need to return.”

Jim Hainline

“We found the ranch by pure luck... and without question this was the absolute best part of our vacation.”

Adam Zanbilowicz

"The ranch is beautiful and there is so much fun to be had for adults and kids alike. This is our second trip and we already can't wait to go back."

Sam Lawrence

"This unplugged getaway has all the comforts you need without sacrificing rustic ranch feel."

Quentin Frewing

"Great place to take your kids! We love everything about this was wonderful. Will definitely come back."

Svertlana Trifonov

"Best place we have stayed in a long time. Friendly staff with a ton of activities to do on site. The food was amazing and included in the stay. Beautiful setting, reminded me of summer bible camp."

Candace from Olympia, WA

"Everyone in our group, a dozen people from pre-teen children to grandparents and varied ages in-between, was delighted with our visit. It was the perfect place for our family to relax and spend time together."

Mary L.