Directions to Peniel Ranch

Peniel Ranch on Columbia River

Please Note: Google maps is not always accurate, especially if you are coming from Omak to the Ranch. For example, Columbia River Road is sometimes marked as “closed” during winter months, even though it does not close. We recommend going to "get to Grand Coulee Dam" if using Google Maps, and then follow our directions to the Ranch.

You can always call us at 1-509-557-3734 if you need assistance at any time.

From Seattle, WA

(From Highway 2 - travel East until Coulee City. Take WA-155 and follow signs to Grand Coulee Dam. Then start at Step 8). From I-90 follow directions below.

  1. Head east on I-90.
  2. Take exit 151 toward Ephrata Soap Lake/WA-283 North.
  3. Continue onto WA-281, then turn right on WA-283 N.
  4. Continue onto WA-28 East. Turn left onto WA-17 North. Continue 21 miles.
  5. Follow signs to Grand Coulee Dam.
  6. Turn right onto US-2 East. Continue for 4 miles.
  7. Continue onto WA-155 North for 28 miles.
  8. Turn right onto Grand Coulee Bridge.
  9. After the bridge, turn left at the blinking light to continue onto WA-155N

     10. Turn left onto Columbia River Road, just past the Colville Tribal Center.

     11. In 15 miles, you will see a sign for Peniel Ranch on the left side of the road.