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Recounting the past

In 1989 Dennis and Darlene DeLano and Verle and Anna Payne purchased 350 acres along the Columbia River to establish a camp for serving youth and families. Their foundational purpose was to transform lives through the Scriptures, empowering believers to study God's Word, commit it to memory, and share it with their families and communities. Inspired by Jacob's encounter with the angel of God, they christened the property Peniel, which means "facing God." The DeLano and Payne families embarked on this journey with two bold principles: to build the Ranch without getting into debt, and to show God's love by treating every guest like family. God has rewarded their trust and commitment, faithfully providing just enough resources at the perfect time.

Today the Ranch continues to host annual camps and retreats, as well as private events. New buildings dot the landscape; new animals roam the pastures. But the vision remains the same: to bring families face to face with the Creator through His Word.


Your friends at the Ranch

Dennis and Darlene DeLano standing next to a large boulder on Peniel Ranch

Dennis & Darlene DeLano

Ranch Directors
The Davies Family posing on a rock in Eastern Washington

Ed, Dorece, Lauren, & Luke Davies

"Help From the Sanctuary" - Psalm 20:2
Portrait of Akira


Guardian of Peniel Ranch


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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