Labor Day Weekend Retreat!

September 11, 2021

Labor Day Weekend Retreat!

This past weekend we had our annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat!

Young to old enjoyed this fun, exciting camp!

We learned from Dennis DeLano about the features of wisdom, and how we can live by God's wisdom through His Word.

Saturday was the big day, where many of us competed in the triathlon. We biked up and down the driveway (2 miles), kayaked and paddle boarded across the river, and hiked up Razorback. That night we had a pool, ping pong and foosball competition that ended very late!

Sunday, after church, we played on our NEW slipin' slide! (photos coming) Once the soap suds got all worked up we were flying! It was fun, and we tried (or "kinda" tried) not to run into people. 😉😂

It was a very memorable weekend! We were so blessed by all those who came out!

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face"
Genesis 32:30
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