2023 Year In Review- Projects and Prayer Requests

January 17, 2024

2023 Year In Review- Projects and Prayer Requests

We are so thankful for the many projects that were completed and prayers that were answered!


We are so thankful for the many projects that were completed this past year. Here is a look at the projects we are hoping to complete this year:


Straw Bale Construction- Lord willing we hope to build a straw bale staff housing this year. We are working on plans to submit for permits and then get the foundation dug and poured to start construction.

NEED: Structural engineer to help with plans, people to help dig and pour the foundation, and people with building skills to help put it all together.

Ranch House- Some remodeling and touch-ups need to be done in the Ranch House.

NEED: Volunteers! Do you know how to paint? Or can you do drywall, plumbing, or electrical? Come and stay for free and help us complete this project.

New activities- There are several new activities and games that we would like to set up or build (box hockey, gutter ball, low ropes course, etc.)

NEED: Volunteers and supplies

Gaga ball, Archery back stand and Tomahawk target- need to be repaired

NEED: Volunteers and supplies

Waterslide- We would like to finish the waterslide we have been working on

NEED: Volunteers and supplies

Round pen- We need to finish welding the pen for our horse program

NEED: Volunteers who know how to weld

Redo irrigation system- Our irrigation system is in constant need of repair.

NEED: Volunteers to dig up lines, repair and replace sprinkler heads

Yard maintenance- There is a constant need for someone to trim bushes and trees, mow lawns, blow pine cones and leaves, and do general maintenance.

NEED: Volunteers

Repair backhoe and boat motor- Our backhoe and boat are not running well and in need of repair

NEED: Experienced volunteer and some supplies

SUMMER CAMPS- running the programs, cooking, cleaning, and other jobs

NEED: Volunteers(one weekend, one week, one month, one summer)

…And more! Check our website https://www.penielranch.org/volunteerfor a more detailed project list.


Prayer Requests- 

As always, so many prayers have been answered but continued prayers are needed!

  • Please pray for a¬†"Joshua"¬†to carry on the ministry along with¬†full-time and part-time staff¬†to help with the various projects, maintaining, and running the camp.¬†
  • Please pray that we can repair our backhoe and boat motor
  • Please pray for wisdom to know how we should proceed in looking into a generator¬†that can run the well pump, dining hall, and, hopefully, other buildings.¬†
  • Please pray that we can move forward with drawing up plans, having them approved, and we are given permits for our¬†straw bale staff housing, workshop, and museum.
  • Please also pray for the continued¬†good health¬†of¬†Dennis and Darlene Delano¬†(camp directors) and¬†Pastor Gary's¬†(Nespelem church pastor) health.¬†
  • Please pray for a¬†revival in the community and local churches¬†to¬†know the Lord¬†and be active in¬†serving Him!¬†
  • Please pray for those in our community who are hurting and lost and need to hear about the hope, comfort and peace that only comes from Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on how to pray or get involved.

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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