2023 July Charater Camp

July 24, 2023

2023 July Charater Camp

A fun filled week of Character Camp!


We had a great day! The kids didn't arrive till close to 11 am so everything got pushed back a little later. 45 kids and leaders came yesterday, so we had a big group of around 90 or so with our team! Kids had a lot of fun rotating through the different stations of bread making, crafts, tomahawk and knife throwing, and playing down at the river.


We had an amazing day! 46 kids came and, including our team, we had 100 people! The kids played games before chapel and then did rotating activities- crafts, bread, archery, swimming, and pony rides after lunch.


We had a wonderful day and our numbers are still totaling (with our crew) around 100! The kids had a blast singing fun songs, watching a skit, and listening to my dad talk about salvation. They also spent a ton of time making clay creations and doing games outside, swimming, and tomahawk throwing. We even did a bump competition too!


We had around 100 people again. For this last day we had singing. a "name that ball game" and a message on salvation shared by my dad. The kids also rotated through crafts, pretzel making, gaga ball, volleyball, swimming and pony rides.

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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