2022 April Character Camp

April 10, 2022

2022 April Character Camp

This week was filled with so many meaningful conversations and friendships!


Monday started off very windy with lots of tree branches coming down, but it calmed down in the afternoon. All the kids had a great time playing gaga ball, painting, watching the puppet show, riding ponies, and fishing. Our team had a chance to interact and build relationships with the kids and the new leaders at the Boys & Girls Club.


We had a larger group of kids. Some of the new leaders brought their kids with them, which was really encouraging. It was a productive day with many of our kids having a chance to really connect with the native kids and have some meaningful conversations with them. All the kids enjoyed playing with laser guns on our new course.


Wednesday was filled with meaningful conversations. Many of our team had the chance to talk about God to the kids and leaders. Ellie and Averie were able to give Bibles to two of the girls who came. It was such an encouraging thing to witness! Some of the young men on our team were able to talk to one of the leaders, about his life and were able to share with him the power of God when He saved the Ranch from the fires. In the evenings we have gathered as a team and singing praises to God. I am super thankful that we have done this: it really bonded the team, and we have a wonderful time singing and praying together!


God continues to work in miraculous ways. The kids were open and enjoyed talking with us. I had the chance to talk with a few different girls, which was really exciting. One of the leaders, Brandon, brought his kids. Two of them are little (5 and 4). When I was helping the little guy down the slide, he looked at me and said, "I love you!'' It was SO sweet! These kids are precious and in need of a Savior. Our puppet people, Larry and Vonnie Pratt, had to leave for another trip so we continued the puppet theme. For the craft, each kid was able to make a sock puppet. It was fun to see how creative they were! In the evening we spent some time singing in the kitchen—a cappella. It sounded awesome! The acoustics in the dining hall is amazing. :) Each day we close with a time of singing, sharing, and prayer.


Some of us teens planned and did the program starting out with some fun songs, a skit about the lost sheep, the message of the Gospel, and a closing song. It was super touching, and the kids were engaged. We spent time talking and playing with the kids, and they were all sad to leave. It was nice to be able to say, "See you this summer!" We hope all these kids can come back again. Thank you so much for your prayers—we can see God at work! Please continue to pray that the messages the kids saw and heard would become more real and that they would believe in Jesus.

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Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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