Family Geology Camp

Registration for this camp is now closed. Please see our events page for a list of upcoming camps and retreats. Are you looking to arrange your own family or church gathering at Peniel Ranch? Get in contact with us and we will see what we can do to serve you and your group.
Monday, June 13, 2022
Friday, June 17, 2022

Family Geology Camp

Training our youth to think critically through a Creation-based geology exploration

ONE SPOT LEFT- unless you bring and RV and/or tent!

Rocks, minerals, dinosaurs, volcanoes, history, and...Apologetics!

Come and take a deep dive with Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures as we discover how to defend Genesis through geological apologetics! Not only will we equip you to be effective at interacting with our culture using the book of Genesis, but we will also address questions like

  • Was the Genesis Flood a real historical event?
  • How did the Genesis Flood impact our culture, our Earth, and our environment?
  • What does the Genesis Flood have to do with issues of morality?
  • How does Genesis explain extinction and issues like global warming and the disappearance of so many plants and animals?

During this four-day camp, you will enjoy

  • Rock identification in the field
  • Fossil dig project
  • Fluorescent rock demonstration
  • Fascinating talks on creation, the Flood, and geology
  • A field trip to Dry Falls, the Scablands/Missoula Flood area, and/or the Columbia River basalt (time and restrictions permitting)

Outside of classes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the Ranch. There is so much to do!

  • Kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding
  • Cart races and pony rides
  • Archery, and tomahawk throwing
  • Ping pong, pool, and gaga ball
  • Much more

NOTE: This camp will be offered just once this summer. Sign up now!

All our suites are currently booked. We only have 3 log bunkhouse, 1 stucco bunkhouse rooms and 1 ranch suite available. You are also welcome to bring an RV and/or tents.




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We missed you, too, but there are plenty of upcoming events. Hope to see you there!