Memorial Day Family Camp: Disconnect from “Daily Life” and Reconnect with God.

Make Lifelong Friends, Experience New Joys, and Create Lasting Memories.

We take vacations for many reasons: To explore the world, to retreat from the noise, to push ourselves to our physical limits, or to rest.

But the most profound vacations are the ones in which you get to reinvent yourself. To discover more of who you are and how you are uniquely gifted.

A tall order for most vacations. After all, how can a few short days alter the course of a lifetime?

Two words: summer camp.

Ah summer camp, the classic way for kids to spend their summer days building memories that last. Close your eyes for a moment. Can you see it? Children cannonballing into a refreshing lake. Marshmallows toasting in a fire beneath a canopy of pine trees. A blissful time to relax and reconnect with God.

But why should kids have all the fun? What if adults and children alike could experience the joys of summer camp together?

Enter the Peniel Ranch Family Camp, Located in Washington State.

Peniel Ranch Memorial Day Family Camp

In many ways, family camp is like most kids camps. It features outdoor adventures, rustic housing, and wonderful food in the dining hall.

But family camp uniquely gives grown-ups and children time to connect with one another, and with their Creator. You’ll get to unplug from your iPhone and Kindle and exchange those cumbersome devices for some true family time.

Peniel Ranch is set right on the banks of the Columbia River, making it is as picturesque as it is convenient. We offer Christ-centered teaching, wholesome family activities, and exceptional food. And we’d be happy cater to your dietary needs!

Where else do you get the opportunity to throw a tomahawk, paddleboard down a pristine river, and roast gooey s’mores by the fire at night? Where else can you wake up to goats, donkeys, chickens, sheep, and horses in a neighboring field?

By the end of the week, you’ll feel like a part of our family at your new home away from home. You may secretly find yourself more excited to return than your own kids!

Join us for our annual Memorial Day family camp. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the stress of life and reconnect with God face-to-face.



Cabins: $135 ($160 after May 1st)

Ranch Suites: $210 

($235 after May 1st)

May 24th - 27th (Fri - Mon)

Call or email to Reserve:


Cabins: $265 ($290 after May 1st)

Ranch Suites: $340 

($365 after May 1st)

May 24th - 27th (Fri - Mon)

Call or email to Reserve:


Cabins: $395 ($425 after May 1st)

Family Suite: $475 

($500 after May 1st)

May 24th - 27th (Fri - Mon)

Call or email to Reserve: