We Are Like the Little Birds

July 18, 2022

We Are Like the Little Birds

Lessons learned from the Little Birdies!

This summer we had a four baby bird that fell out of their nest. Since their mother didn’t return, we decided to take care of them. Over a matter of weeks, we fed and cared for them. Sadly all but one died. The remaining bird was fed by my grandma and is still growing. My grandma recently told us a story about the bird. When she fed it, the bird would peck her hand and bite her. He also gets very agitated when he hears my grandma’s voice. Even when she isn’t talking to him.  My grandma compared this little bird to us, we had fallen out of the nest of God. Our sin separated us from our Father. When that little bird found a home with us, it was just like Jesus, coming down and saving us from death. That bird would have died without our care, just like all of us will die without Him. Often when that bird would hear my grandma, it would pipe up and make noise. As believers, children of God, we know His voice, the voice of our Shepard. Just like the little bird who would bite my grandma’s hand when she fed Him, we often do that to God. We feel like we know better than He does, even though we don’t. We feel like we can take care of ourselves and that we don't need His interference. Remember the little bird, how we are like it, and don’t bite the Father’s hand, trust Him instead.

Written by Lauren Davies



"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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