Spring Work Retreat

March 15, 2023

Spring Work Retreat

A wonderful and productive weekend!

This weekend we had our Spring Work Retreat. It was a really fun camp and lots of memories were made! We also completed a lot of jobs that we were wanting to do and we are so grateful for those who came out and served here this weekend! It was so awesome to see everyone work together and get so much accomplished.

Jobs completed:

7 Egg Bakes made

5 Mexicans Lasagnas made

Over 200 rolls made

Over 200 cinnamon rolls made

Deep cleaning of dining hall and kitchen completed

Organization of pantry

Organization of freezer

All postholes dug for horse corral

Replace wood flooring in suite #14

Tomahawk backstop put up

Two rows of grapes pruned

Over 6 burn piles

Clearing out leaves

Clearing out gardens


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Genesis 32:30
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