Our Faithful Shanta

May 9, 2021

Our Faithful Shanta

Saying goodbye to Shanta

Not many of you may know of our faithful dog, Shanta. She was one of the best dogs we ever had, great with kids, and loved people. Sadly, she passed away on Mother's Day this year. Shanta had been loyally serving us for 13 years; we received Shanta when she was 2 and she died at the age of 15. We are thankful to God for the time He blessed us with Shanta.

Her gravestone reads:

Here lies our dearest Ranch dog,


A loyal, loving guardian of the Ranch.

Faithful to the end. ~ May 9, 2021

Matthew 10:29-31

Written by Lauren Davies

p.s. We are on the lookout for kid-friendly female Great Pyrenees dogs. Please let us know if you find one!


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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