First Girls' Survival Camp

March 20, 2021

First Girls' Survival Camp

This past weekend, we hosted our first Girls' Survival Camp at Peniel Ranch!! It was SO awesome to see how God brought over thirty girls to join us for a weekend of fun and learning.

Survival…that’s the key in today’s world.  We were challenged to look at the world in a new way and know our survival plan!! We learned that the most important thing to protect is our family. Satan wants to destroy it, so we will protect it, catch the vision!

We were so thankful to have Ruth Payne an EMT in the Methow Valley, join us to teach the basics of medical and emergency care! We were able to learn, with hands on activities, what to do in an emergency situation.

We also learned the keys of outdoor survival, how to build a fire, shelter, etc. and other fun activities. Dennis taught the girls knowledge of the area from plants and wildlife to the surrounding landscape and geology.

We set up our camp near Horse Canyon, which is at the edge of Peniel Ranch’s 350 acres. It was a tucked away place set alongside the river, with a full view of the sunrise and sunset! We were in continual awe of God's creation and beautiful handiwork!

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face"
Genesis 32:30
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