2024 April Character Camp

April 11, 2024

2024 April Character Camp

A wonderful Character Camp this Spring!

Monday: We had a wonderful 1st day of Character Camp! Around 15 kids came, our numbers did grow more each day, I think the kids spread the word about the fun they were having at the Ranch! We didn't stick to a schedule, but the kids enjoyed playing gaga ball in our new gaga ball pit, baking sugar cookies, throwing tomahawks and knives, and creating watercolor pictures! See pictures below.

Tuesday: We had kids from Nespelem and from Keller which totaled around 25 people. They got here earlier in the day and we were able to play out in the beautiful sunshine! Several of the kids on our team spent a long time pulling pony carts full of kids all over the yard. We also did tomahawk and knife throwing, bread making, crafts, and field games.

Wednesday: The kids enjoyed their time here at the Ranch, around 18 kids came today since the Keller Boys and Girls Club wasn't able to make it. Although it was cloudy today, there was still a bit of sunshine and the kids enjoyed the obstacle course, archery, bread making, and balloon art. I think they especially enjoyed being able to make animals out of balloons! For the lesson, my grandpa did an incredible chalk talk! We did get a video, so hopefully I'll get that posted online soon.

Thursday: We had our last day with the kids! We had the most kids today totaling around 30ish! It was a gloomy rainy day, and despite that, a lot of the kids did outdoor playtime, but we offered more indoor activities. The kids also enjoyed holding and playing with our bottle-fed lamb Fiona, she's been down the last few days for them to play with. One of the boys talked with some of the guys on our team about God, he had lots of questions and supposedly had been reading the Bible my grandpa gave him. He's younger but has been coming for a while now, it's so encouraging to hear that! One of the little girls commented while painting a wooden cross, "This will remind me about how much I love Jesus!"

For those on Facebook, I've created an album of photos since I can't upload very many here on the website! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.905651484902135&type=3


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