2023 Year In Review- Family Camps

January 17, 2024

2023 Year In Review- Family Camps

I am amazed as I look back on all God has done here at Peniel Ranch!
While writing this recap, I am amazed as I lookback on all God has done here at Peniel Ranch! The word I’d use to describe this year is Providence. God has provided for our every need this year, from numerous volunteers of all ages to more donations than we ever expected! Our irrigation pump went out this summer and it was estimated to cost over $20,000 to replace it. God miraculously provide us with the funds through an anonymous donor. We were also blessed by generous well installers and volunteers who came to our rescue! We are humbled by the generosity of everyone and the fact that God provided beyond our expectations! That wasn’t the end of it either, our tractors have broken down and God has provided funds to buy new ones too! It’s just so amazing to see God work and provide for us, beyond what we can imagine! God is so good! If we never experience any pitfalls or trials, then we would never experience the extent of God’s goodness and providence!  
Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Family Camps-

March Work Retreat:

This was a really fun camp and lots of memories were made! Many items were checked off our “To Do” list. We are so grateful for those who came out and served! It was so awesome to see everyone work together and get so much accomplished.
Jobs completed: 7 egg bakes made, 5 Mexicans lasagnas made, Over 200 rolls made, Over 200 cinnamon rolls made, deep cleaned dining hall and kitchen, organized pantry, organized freezer, all postholes dug for horse corral, wood flooring replaced in suite #14, tomahawk backstop put up, two rows of grapes pruned, over six piles of brush and branches burned, leaves raked up, gardens weeded and lots of trees trimmed.

Geology Family Camp: 

What a great camp. The kids were so enthusiastic about learning how to defend their faith through geology! Patrick Nurre shared amazing geological evidence through morning and evening sessions. Then he led different activities and a field trip to Dry Falls. In the afternoon everyone enjoyed the amenities at Peniel Ranch whether it was pony rides, archery, tomahawk and knife throwing, and the river! We loved having all the families come out and we hope to have them all back again soon!

Outdoor Family Camp:

Over the 4th of July we had our Outdoor Family Camp! We started off the week with wilderness survival training down by the river. Everyone loved learning more about the essentials of surviving in the outdoors. In the afternoon kids made their own bows and arrows with Luke and Dennis and learned how to navigate a compass from Troy Hacking. In the kitchen a few ladies learned some tips on meal planning and how to prepare and store food. Some of the girls created their own pretty designs on fabric through embroidery. Quite a few people made soap and a couple girls tried bread making in the kitchen! Ruth Payne, an EMT in the Methow Valley, came and taught medical and emergency training. People were able to make more soap, candles and worked on smoking some fish! Others learned about natural medicine through a few plant walks and then an emergency medical plant training taught by Dawn Kinzel. All the kids teamed up and raced against each other in a build a boat battle! Boats were not only judged on speed but durability, creativity and overall ability to successfully build a boat that lasts. This was definitely one of the favorite activities. In the evenings, families spent time fellowshipping, playing gaga ball and indoor games like pool, ping pong and foosball. On our last evening together, we enjoyed a talent show where everyone show cased their talent... from singing, to instruments, to jokes and pool tricks it was filled with good entertainment!

Apologetics Family Camp: 

We had an amazing camp! From start to finish ,it was jam-packed with fun learning, activities, and fellowship. We learned about internal and external apologetics, how to rightly divide the word of truth, and how to debunk common arguments aimed at the Word of God. Even though we didn't have the sunniest or warmest weather kids still enjoyed swimming and playing in the water. Fishing was quite popular and a few lucky people caught some good-sized fish! Kids also enjoyed playing games outside, playing gaga ball and running around playing tag. One of the nights we played capture the flag till late in the evening and that was a blast! Overall everyone was encouraged by Dan Kreft and Carl Kerby’s talks. Everyone learned a lot!

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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