2023 Year In Review- Character Camps

January 17, 2024

2023 Year In Review- Character Camps

Over 100 kids came to our Character Camps this year!

Character Camps-


This camp we had between 35-45 kids each day, Monday through Thursday. It was so much fun to see so many kids- and lots of new faces! Each day ran pretty smoothly, and we enjoyed both the Keller and Nespelem Boys & Girls Club out at the ranch. Activities included gaga ball, archery, laser guns, tomahawk and knife throwing, art, pony rides and baking bread, pretzels, pumpkin pies and muffins. Crafts included dipping marshmallows in chocolate and decorating them, breaking pottery and gluing them back together to symbolize how God can take us (broken pieces) and turn us into something beautiful! The kids joined in with the singing and I hope they listened and understood the character building and gospel message Dennis shared. Dennis also did a chalk drawing which was amazing! Through this drawing he talked about creation and how God made the world. Our crew went on a hike to Nespelem Falls on Friday morning and the rest of the day was spent completing projects. In the evening we celebrated Good Friday and fellowshipped together. Overall it was an amazing camp with so many kids we were able to connect with, invest in, and build friendships with! We hope each child knew that they are loved, that God made them and that He wants a relationship with them!


Summer Character Camps bring in more kids, we had around 45-50 kids from Nespelem and Keller, which added to our team, landed us in the 100 people range! Activities included bread and pretzel making, gaga ball, volleyball, crafts, tomahawks, archery, swimming and pony rides. One of the days we did a bump competition and the winner received a basketball trophy! The kids had a blast singing fun songs, watching a skit, playing “name that ball game” and listening to Ed talk about character building and salvation.


Our numbers were pretty consistent with around 50 or so kids and leaders. At this camp we played a lot of volleyball, gaga ball, basketball and field games.  My grandpa, Dennis DeLano, did an object lesson with cayenne pepper and paprika and how we know the difference between the two by the taste. That compares to how we know whether someone is walking with God, by how they act in accordance with scripture, and whether God is good by what He does and who He says He is. Crafts were cloud dough, stained glass pictures, chocolate dipped marshmallows and other fun crafts.  Activities included pretzel and bread making, swimming, pony rides, tomahawks and knife throwing. We had some good connections between our team and the kids which is really awesome!

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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