2023 Apologetics Family Camp

September 28, 2023

2023 Apologetics Family Camp

How do jokes and apologetics mix? When you have Dan and Carl speaking!

We had an amazing camp this past weekend! From start to finish, it was jam-packed with fun learning, activities, and fellowship. We learned about internal and external apologetics, how to rightly divide the word of truth, and how to debunk common arguments aimed at the Word of God. Even though we didn't have the sunniest or warmest weather kids still enjoyed swimming and playing in the water. Fishing was quite popular and a few lucky people caught some good-sized fish! Kids also enjoyed playing games outside, playing gaga ball and running around playing tag. One of the nights we played capture the flag till late in the evening and that was a blast!

Overall I believe everyone was encouraged by Dan and Carl's talks. I know I learned a lot and I'm sure everyone else did as well!

Written by Lauren Davies


"I have seen God face to face."
Genesis 32:30
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