Girls' Survival Camp

Registration for this camp is now closed. Please see our events page for a list of upcoming camps and retreats. Are you looking to arrange your own family or church gathering at Peniel Ranch? Get in contact with us and we will see what we can do to serve you and your group.
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Sunday, May 15, 2022

Girls' Survival Camp

Today's world is a hostile place. Are you ready to survive?

Coming up- MAY 11-15, 2022!


In just THREE WEEKS Peniel Ranch will be hosting a GIRLS' SURVIVAL CAMP for young ladies ages 12 to 22. It will be a FOUR-DAY camp!

We will be learning how to start fires, build shelters, filter water, and many other crucial skills for WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. Learn about how to forage for food and stay protected from the elements.

Through scenarios, you will learn basic, hands-on medical training. We will also practice WILDERNESS MEDICAL and TRAUMA CARE for situations where supplies are limited and there are no doctors or hospitals.

Learn about SELF-DEFENSE and how to disarm someone. Know how to react in HIGH STRESS situations.

Most importantly, we will delve into God's Word and discover how to survive in the SPIRITUAL WILDERNESS of this world. We will learn what the essential parts are to LIVING A LIFE that REFLECTS who JESUS is.


Cost per girl- $175 (t-shirt included). Families are welcome to drop off their girls and come back to pick them up or they are welcome to stay at the ranch during the girl’s camp for $125 per person or $400 per family for the weekend (includes food and lodging-children 4 and under are free).

Note: Please use one registration form per girl. Additional members of the family who are planning to be at the Ranch during the survival camp should be included in the additional registration form.




- $


See registration form for pricing details.
We missed you, too, but there are plenty of upcoming events. Hope to see you there!