Family Outdoor Camp

Registration for this camp is now closed. Please see our events page for a list of upcoming camps and retreats. Are you looking to arrange your own family or church gathering at Peniel Ranch? Get in contact with us and we will see what we can do to serve you and your group.
Sunday, July 2, 2023
Friday, July 7, 2023

Family Outdoor Camp

Want to be prepared for survival? Come learn the skills for medical, home, farm and more!

Come with your family and be equipped to survive outdoors, at home, on the farm, and most importantly be encouraged and built up in your faith, with quality fellowship and time in the Word of God.


Special activities (this camp ONLY)-

o  4th of July Show

o  Patriotic Games

o  Talent Show

o  Bible Trivia

o  Build a Boat Battle

Normal activities-

o  Archery

o  Tomahawk/Knife throwing

o  Field/ team building games

o  Gaga ball

o  Nine-square

o  Volleyball

o  Playground 

o  Swings

o  Pony rides and animal petting

o  Indoor games such as ping pong, foosball and pool

o  Swimming

o  Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding

o  Fishing (bring your own gear)  

o  Hikes

o  Biking


Camp Classes:

Survival skills:

Be equipped to survive in the wilderness. We will be learning how to start fires, build shelters, filter water, and many other crucial skills for wilderness survival. Learn about how to forage for food and stay protected from the elements and what survival gear you’ll need to have on hand.

Through scenarios, you will learn basic, hands-on medical training. We will also practice wilderness medical and trauma care for where supplies are limited and there are no doctors or hospitals. By foraging in the wilderness, you will be taught about the wild, edible and medicinal plants available for your use.


Historical crafts:

Learn some crafts that have become rare in today's technology focused world. Have you ever wanted to make your own bow and arrows? Maybe a tomahawk too? Come to this camp and build one for yourself! Learn how to sew, crochet, knit and embroidery.

Note: more classes may be offered


Outdoor care:

Learn how to plant and tend a garden, to feed your own family! Do you love animals? Come learn how to take care of them, and how to butcher and process animals.

Note: more classes may be offered


Home care:

Learn how to survive in your home! We will have classes on how to process, prepare, preserve food, cook for big groups, do meal planning and much more. Specialty classes might include making candles and soap!

Note: more classes may be offered


Spiritual care: 

Most importantly, we will delve into God's Word and discover how to live a life set apart for Christ. We will learn what the essential parts are to living a life that reflects who Jesus is.


Check back for MORE details on classes offered!



Cost breakdown-

Family for the whole camp - $795

Couple for the whole camp - $435

Single for the whole camp - $300

Family per day- $180 (includes meals, sessions)

A couple per day- $95 (includes meals, sessions)

Single per day- $70 (includes meals, sessions)


Note: Don’t let cost stand in your way, we want you to come! We do have scholarships available if needed.




- $


See registration form for pricing details.
We missed you, too, but there are plenty of upcoming events. Hope to see you there!