"Discovering Dinosaurs" Family Geology Camp

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Sunday, June 27, 2021
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Discovering Dinosaurs" Family Geology Camp

Discover fossils, dinosaurs, and the massive impact of the Flood.

Dinosaurs. Those fearful, fascinating beasts of bygone eras. What did they look like? Where are they now? During this three-day geology camp, you will learn all about fossils, dinosaurs, and the massive impact that the Genesis Flood had not only on Earth's form, but also on Earth's ecosystem. Your guide for this event will be Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures, a seasoned geologist with over forty years of experience. Originally trained in secular geology, Mr. Nurre experienced a radical shift in worldview after he became a Christian. Today he is a passionate young-earth Creation scientist and conducts field studies throughout the United States and Israel. You can find more information about Mr. Nurre on his website.

Activities for this event include

  • A memorable fossil dig
  • An exhibition of actual fossil artifacts
  • Several in-depth lectures on dinosaurs and the Flood
  • A trip to the Columbia Plateau
  • A fluorescent rock demonstration
  • Plenty of question-and-answer sessions

Of course, there will also be free time to enjoy the Columbia, play gaga ball, and explore the Ranch.

Peniel Ranch will provide housing for three nights as well as all the meals (including the first night and the final morning).




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